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Saruya Poster Zine vol.3 SoundScape

Saruya Poster Zine vol.3 SoundScape

Saruya Poster Zine vol.3 "The Soundscapes of Fujiyoshida, Yamanashi - Sound Walk with a Urban Environment Composer" Kenta Tanaka contributed to the 'Urban Sounds Issue' for the poster zine series in collaboration with an urban-themed research unit Good News for Cities and SARUYA HOSTEL / SARUYA ARTIST RESIDENCY, a hostel located in Fujiyoshida, Yamanashi. We conducted urban sonic research around Fujiyoshida by listening to Fuji's groundwater vein, recording the nostalgic chime ringing at 18:00, and so forth. Utilizing those soundscapes we encountered there, he composed the music piece called "Saruya Echo" and an illustrator Asuka Watanabe painted a poster design inspired by his soundscape composition. Poster Design: Asuka Watanabe Sound Composition / Soundscape Research: Kenta Tanaka Direction & Edit:Good News for Cities (Yukako Ishikawa / Mariko Sugita) Produce:Saruya Artist Residency Hostel Saruya Editorial Design: Yurie Hata Priting:Fujiwara Printing



IBE music: Kenta Tanaka movie: Yui Sakai direction & edit: Asuka Wakida