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東京藝術大学建築科インタビューシリーズ #10-11 藤村龍至「藝大建築科のQ&A」

Interview Series for the Department of Architecture, Tokyo University of the Arts #10-11 Ryuji Fujimura I composed a music piece for an architectural interview with an architect Ryuji Fujimura. - credit - Architect: Ryuji Fujimura Movie: Isao Kanemaki Music: Kenta Tanaka Project Management: Junpei Mori, Anna Simosato Support: Yutaro Yamada

Kyushu: A Journey to the Land of Crafts

UNA Laboratories

WASO Fermentation


Truth or Dare: Episode 1


psykhē collective, “/psykhē /” In this artwork, two dancers will don inflatable clothing that enlarges as the wearer breathes, parading around the city of Roppongi in a performance. From the fluctuations in the clothing based on the dancers’ breaths and the town’s air, they will draw a boundary line between people and the city. psykhē collective Momoka Nakayama (Creative Technologist) / Tomoya Morohoshi (Copy Writer & Creative Technologist) / Narumi Okamura (Designer) / Natsumi Wada (Performance Directior) / Shyuto Chen (Dancer) /Yuka Kusakabe (Dancer) / Kenta Tanaka (Sound Artist) / Kazuki Takahashi (Movie Director) / Sakura Yamaguchi (Art Director) / Yuta Ide (Technologist) / Hiroshi Nakayama (Technologist)/Saori Katsube (Editor)

Algorithmic Couture β: Symbiotically Redesigning Fashion with Artificial Intelligence

"Algorithmic couture β" is a mass customization service that provides module garments generated by machine learning algorithms. Based on the 3D data of the human body, this service automatically generates a pattern of each wearer and automates the design process of the pattern-maker. The generated pattern is optimized on rectangular cloth like Tetris and achieves zero-waste pattern cutting. Furthermore, the design of the garments generated by machine learning is made up of modular patterns, allowing users to customize shapes, materials, colors, materials that match their tastes in the online platform. Credit: Project Lead: Kazuya Kawasaki (Synflux) Design Lead: Kotaro Sano (Synflux) Algorithmic Design: Yusuke Fujihira (Archiroid) Technical Support: Kye Shimizu Design Support Yutaka Ridwan Hanako Hirata (Synflux) Adviser:Keisuke Nagami (HATRA) / Daijiro Mizuno (Kyoto Institute of Technology) Movie: Tomoki Yoneyama Camera Assistant: Tomoyuki Hayama Music: Kenta Tanaka Model: Tamami Ohbuchi, Miki Egashira, Shin Kayoh Image: Tomoki Yoneyama

Algorithmic Couture: Digitalising Fashion for Sustainable Futures

Algorithmic Couture α is a project aiming to automate the creation of zero-waste fashion patterns and digitize traditional haute couture techniques to create customized ethical fashion garments. Through the collaboration of fashion designers, machine learning engineers, and digital fabrication specialists, our goal is to revitalize the production system of fashion design for a more sustainable future. Credit Project Lead: Kazuya Kawasaki (Synflux) Design Lead: Kotaro Sano (Synflux) Algorithmic Design: Yusuke Fujihira(Archiroid) Technical Support:: Kye Shimizu Adviser: Daijiro Mizuno (Kyoto Institute of Technology) Film: Tomoki Yoneyama Camera Assistant: Tomoyuki Hayama Model: Tamami Ohbuchi Music: Kenta Tanaka Image : Tomoki Yoneyama


Harmonious cityscape

“Looking at cities can give a special pleasure, however commonplace the sight may be. ... At every instant, there is more than the eye can see, more than the ear can hear, a setting or a view waiting to be explored.” (Kevin Lynch, 1960)

Biological Tailor-Made


Information Corset: Speculative, Fashionable, Wearable